Zamek Jan III Sobieski
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We invite for delicacies of the castle kitchen:
- In May, June, July, August, September – cafe 9am – 9pm, restaurant 01pm – 9pm
- In October, November, December, January, February, March, April - cafe 10am – 8pm, restaurant 01pm – 8pm

If you wish to book a table, please call or write:

  • phone - +48 586738805 or +48 694457484
  • email –

    Can there be a more dreamed of place for such celebrations than … a real castle from the nineteenth century? We help to organize parties accordingly to your wishes and expectations. We prepare special, ceremonial dishes, take care of decorations and additional attractions.
    We offer of from our restaurant rooms:

    "WITRAŻOWA" Restaurant room

    Sala witrażowa

    View the Stained Glass room.

    The biggest and finest restaurant room with special sculpted ceiling and fantastic stained-glass windows. This restaurant room is for maximum 66 people.

    "ZEGAROWA" (Clock) Restaurant room

    View the Clock Room

    This restaurant room is always full of the sunshine. From the windows you can admire the Puck Bay and the old park. This restaurant room seats maximum 24 people.

    "ZŁOTA" (Golden) Restaurant room

    View the Gold Room

    The most elegant restaurant room for delightful, glamorous parties or feasts.
    This restaurant room is for maximum 12 people. If you wish we can serve dishes on special gold porcelain.

    "GRANATOWA" (Navy Blue) Restaurant room

    Sala granatowa

    View the Navy Blue room

    From the windows you can see the cafe terrace, the park and Puck Bay. An ideal place for a family dinner. This restaurant room seats maximum 12 people.

    "BIBLIOTEKA" (Library) Restaurant room


    View the Library Room

    A special restaurant room with a circular table for maximum 18 people. It is situated in the tower.
    It is the Best place for official or family discussion.



    This room is for specially prepared evenings with candles. Four rooms for maximum – 15 – 40 persons. You can eat delicious, traditional dishes, play billiards, dance or taste good wines with friends.

    "SALA ŁOWCÓW FOK" Restaurant room

    Sala łowców fok.

    View the Seal Hunter's Room

    This special restaurant room is for maximum 70 people. It is located in one of the castle buildings A combination of good music, delicious cuisine and champagne creates an unforgettable atmosphere. Only for organised groups.


    Celebrations in the garden for over 100 people.

    We invite you to the castle restaurant for special dishes:

  • starter - beef carpaccio with pepper and caper sauce
  • main course - roasted goose with cranberry sauce and pears
  • dessert - peach backed with sugar andyolk

    Bon appetit!
    - The Head Chef of Jan III Sobieski castle kitchen.

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